Staying Safe While Scouting For Food

Participating in Scouting for Food is often a Scout’s first experience with a large scale service project and that can be very exciting. Following some simple rules will help ensure that your Scout stays safe in service.

  • Stay with a team.  Distributing door hangers and picking up is safer and more fun when done in a group.  2-4 Scouts and a couple of parents can cover a neighborhood quickly and have a great time doing it!
  • Wear your uniform!  Your Scout uniform quickly identifies you to people as someone trustworthy and there to help. Then when you approach someone’s front door you’re not a stranger, you’re a Scout!
  • Respect boundaries! If you see a “No Trespassing” sign or encounter a locked gate respect that and go on to the next house.
  • Never go inside.  Someone may invite you inside for a drink or a snack but politely decline.  It’s safer to stay on the front porch where the adults on your team can see you.

You and your team may also come up with your own safety rules and that’s great.  Remember, Scouts serve safely!


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